Power Tool Safety Equipment

the home renovation companyPower Tools make our DIY projects easier to accomplish. These projects can be work, office or home related but regardless of the setting or the project, power tool safety is something everyone needs to concern themselves with. Whilst power tools are helpful, they are also dangerous if not used and stored correctly.  Serious injury and even death can occur if safety is compromised.

Whilst businesses require employees to employ health and safety procedures when operating power tools, there is nothing to regulate the process when you use them at home. Many individuals fail to use the proper safety equipment or proceedure because they don’t want the added expensive purchases for example. Have you seen the prices of power tool safety equipment? It is certainly less expensive than the cost of a medical visit. Others choose not to use safety equipment or procedure because they are in a hurry or because they are comfortable using a particular power tool.

The specific safety equipment you will need depends on the power tool you are operating. Each instruction manual will have information on the recommended safety equipment for that power tool. There are nevertheless several common safety items you should have readily available in your workshop.

Safety goggles are essential. There is always the chance of dirt, debris, or fragments of materials getting into your eyes. Sometimes Saw Blades break and pieces fly into the air.  Protecting your eyes is extremely important, you only get one pair. Heavy duty work gloves are important too, particularly if you are working with any sharp objects including sheet metal. A full face shield will protect even more when you are using certain power tools or working with metal.

Proper clothing is important too. It is always a good idea to wear long sleeves to prevent burns and cuts, make sure that the clothing isn’t too loose. If it is, you risk it getting tangled up with the power tool. Tuck in shirts and only wear clothing that fits you properly. Pay attention to your shoes as well. Make sure they have a non-slip sole. For some power tools, it is also a good idea to wear steel toed boots while operating them.

Some power tools are very noisy. You will want to wear ear plugs or other ear protection. Hearing loss is a serious issue, and you should do all you can to protect it .The effects of damage to hearing is often delayed until later in life. A respirator is a good idea if you will be working with any power tool that creates dust including sanders and routers. It is a good idea to make sure you have a source of fresh air to your work area too. A respirator ensures you don’t inhale harmful chemicals or dust that is generated whilst you work.

Power tools definitely improve the accuracy of your work and reduce the time needed to complete a project. However, it is essential that you also take care: Wear the proper safety equipment when you operate any power tool. The investment is well worth it in the long term. It doesn’t matter how careful you are, how many times you have used the power tool before, how big of a hurry you are in, or how small of a job it is. Accidents involving power tools happen in a split second, so always be prepared and operate your power tools with care and respect.

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